This is the description of the Design and Development Process for your book and ebook, identity, branding, advertizing materials for web & print and product packaging.

Your Website and/or Native App (Apple & Android App) may include integrations for an online store, physical products and/or digital products such as membership levels, downloads, courses (video, audio, blog…) and your private social network community both for web and mobile native app.

Quote includes a 100% money-back guarantee of retainer.

What’s included:

Design Consulting:
A conversation with the purpose of translating your goals, ideas and feelings into a concrete and efficient project layout with the end-user benefits as the foremost objective.

Project Management (print and web/app):
An ongoing conversation to fine tune the project as it advances through subsequent reviews. It’s also the management of related assets, be it human (such as independent contractors) or digital (such as fulfillment services, integration providers, payment processors…) Price in quote includes fees of potential contractors but it may or may not include the cost of vendors (e.g.: hosting, syndication, printer services and so forth.)

UX Design (web/app):
The overall wireframes, organization and flow of information design for the end-user. This is the translation of your goals into blueprints of the digital assets.

IT Implementation (web/app):
The set up of digital infrastructure: server configurations, email, security and web and app mainframes according to the UX specifications.

Website/App Design:
This is the overall design of the final Website and/or App by fulfilling the UX design and integrating your branding. You may provide your own branding, request custom branding (as part of the project) or choose from an array of customizable theme templates/styles and provide instructions to update it to your preferences.

Final delivery of physical and/or digital product and design files in all required formats.


Within a week from initial Design Consultation you’ll receive a full quote for the entirety of the project’s cost including time frame for final delivery.

Production begins when initial retainer is received. Initial retainer equals 30% of total quote price.

Client is guaranteed a 100% refund of their retainer after 1st review. If external contractors are required for the first part of the project (e.g.: illustrators, developers, etc,) their fees are non-refundable —unless otherwise stated in the quote.

Production time frame resumes with acceptance of 1st review and an additional 30% of the total quote. No further refunds will be available from this point on.

Remaining 40% of quote is required for final project delivery.