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Welcome to Pearl Planet Design, my name is Epiphanio Alexander.

As a Graphic Designer, I’m here to help capture your vision and the essence of your message in its visual form. As a Web Designer, I focus on finding the easiest, most effective way to accomplish your online goals while bringing together the most intuitive processes to guide and service your visitor.

The success of your business website depends on Relevant Content, Constant Traffic and a strong Marketing Plan with your Social Media Presence as its main backbone. I provide a basic set up of these services with all my website development. To see samples of my work, scroll down and click on the thumbnails below or click Portfolio on the menu above.

If you’re looking for Graphic Design, Web Design &/or Social Media Marketing Services, I’d love to evaluate your project. I do have limited time in my schedule, but let’s talk about it. To get a quote and/or to schedule an appointment
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Epiphanio Alexander
Pearl Planet Design.

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”Epiphanio is just a delight to work with. He is always optimistic, conscientious, generous and helpful. Epiphanio has given us a website with warmth and beauty that conveys a real sense of who we are and the value of what we do. Our work is basically to help people make a spiritual connection and his understanding and valuing of this goal is vital to us. The most frequent comment from our client surveys was that the experience of being here was so much more than any of our advertising had led them to expect. Epiphanio has gotten “under the skin” of our organization and represented us to the world with honesty and clarity.

We get lots of great comments on our site. It’s intuitive to navigate, beautiful to look at and represents us well. Not only is his design work exemplary but he is great to work with. Epiphanio has a great combination of easygoingness and humor along with practicality and conscientiousness.” —Linda Hays
, The Feathered Pipe Foundation.

“Epiphanio is an inspired creative artist, not to mention a truly wonderful human being. He has his own serene way of absorbing one’s heartfelt aspirations, which then express themselves through his design lens most harmoniously. For our project, he captured not only the essence of what we were looking to communicate to our readers; he also tapped into the ambience we were seeking to create, and made it manifest. We were, we are, and we continue to be blessed by his magnificent work.” —JP Parker,
 Co-Creator of The Wealth Garden

“Working with Epiphanio on my new website has been an exquisite journey! While his talents are numerous, I appreciate his positive attitude the most, as it is the shining light that leads the path through the whole process. He allows for adequate time to hear your thoughts, ideas, and approach, so that he can synthesize the information creatively and integrate it into elements of his marketing and design expertise. He is very thorough and patient every step of the way, and has a wide skill set that enables you to complete various aspects of the website in a seamless fashion. I am more than pleased with the end result and the ongoing services he provides to keep my website updated!” —Deanna Minich, PhD, CN,
 Nutritionist and Author of Chakra Foods for Optimum Health.





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